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I always serve this apple sauce with the potato pancakes I made here, but this tastes so good and is so simple and wholesome all by itself. Or with a meat or chicken dish, on the side. Or as a snack. Or with warm cookies. You name it, apple sauce is a comfort food. This is a foolproof recipe, and any kind of apples will do. Sweeten or not, according to your discriminating palette. Tastes just as good chunky, but I like mine smooth, sort of like baby food. Mmmmm, enjoy.

Homemade apple sauce

8 apples, peeled, cored, and cut into chunks

1/2 cup apple cider

2″ stick of cinnamon

Place the ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pan, and simmer the mixture, stirring occasionally, until the apples are completely tender (about 15 minutes). Cool slightly. Remove the cinnamon stick and puree the sauce in the food processor. Tastes good warm or chilled. This will make about 3 cups worth of applesauce.

It’s hard to ruin this recipe, but you can enhance it if you like sweeter applesauce, by adding a couple tablespoons of brown sugar while it is still warm.

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