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It is my privilege and honor to host this week’s PPN #77, and before I go any further, I would like to thank Ruth Daniels of Once Upon A Feast and Presto Pasta Nights fame for the unique opportunity to do this event. Every week, cooks and bloggers from all around the world come together to enjoy the pleasures of pasta and its many expressions and variations, all through Presto Pasta Nights. I must say how much fun this has been for me, and it’s been a great opportunity to meet so many of you and be inspired by your dishes.

Next, I would like to thank all of YOU who have submitted entries to this week’s edition. Your response was overwhelming, and I mean that in a good way. Your recipes are all inspirational to me.

So, without any further ado, here is the Roundup for this week, #77. I am presenting this week’s entries to you in the order that I received them in my emailbox. 

Argus, from ArgusWorld blog, has submitted his Perky Glass Noodle Salad. This looks like a keeper to me – easy to make and clean-looking flavors.

Check out some of the photos from Wales while you are there – beautiful blog and recipe, Argus!


Hillary, of Chew On That blog fame, has a wonderful submission that is just perfect for Presto Pasta Nights – Homemade Pasta.

This is something I’ve never done, but after reading her instruction and easy step-by-step photos, I am most certainly going to give this a try. Thanks, Hillary!


First-time PPN submitter Nicola, of Lemon And Cheese blog, has sent her twist on Macaroni Cheese, 

Although it’s been a while since I have enjoyed dairy products, I can really appreciate the unique flavoring of this recipe, with the addition of strong cheddar and Stilton cheeses, and the crumbled bacon. It really sounds yummy. Hope to see more of your recipes at future Presto Pasta Nights, Nicola. Welcome!


I just love Erin’s Gourmet Italian Pasta Salad entry. She runs The Skinny Gourmet blog, and this recipe is a keeper.

It looks REALLY good, and comes together so easily. I’ve never tried a dry salad seasoning mix, but after seeing this yummy photo, I think I’ll be picking some up next shop. Thanks, Erin.


I love to make dishes with what you happen to have on hand. Pam, of Sidewalk Shoes blog, did exactly that, and her Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes couldn’t possibly look more mouthwatering to me.

Don’t you just want some? Right now?


Another drool-worthy recipe comes to the Roundup from Kittie of Kittens In The Kitchen blog. Check out Hot Pork and Shrimp Glass Noodles if you really want to see a treat.

Mmmm, what a wonderful looking dish.


Tigerfish from Teczscape blog has sent over an amazing looking dish, her Herbal Chicken Vermicelli Soup. This is a soup made traditionally during birthdays in China, and I can see why.

OMG, it looks delicious. Beeayoutiful photography, too, Tigerfish.


Ok, so how good does Ferdzy’s Pasta with Beans and Smoked Pork Chop Ends look? Seriously good, and it’s hard to believe this is another throw-together dish.

See all of her good recipes at Seasonal Ontario Food blog, and get some fabulous food ideas.


Check out this yummy-looking Pasta with Sausage, Sage, and Avocado from Katie at Thyme For Cooking blog. I just love the combination of flavors that I would have never thought to put together.

I can’t wait to try this one.


With Rita’s innovative recipe, you can have it three ways with Wontons Threesome. At her blog, Mochachocolata-Rita, she shows us three different ways of wrapping wontons, and three different ways to serve them, as an added bonus.

Not to mention a delicious-sounding filling, too. And with her step-by-step instructions and visuals, she has just convinced me to try these little bites.


With Daphne’s uber-delicious and easy-peasy recipe, Fried Noodles are taken up to a whole new level.

I know this is an I-can’t-be-bothered type recipe, but in all honesty, I would love to order this at a restaurant, it LOOKS THAT GOOD. Check out her blog, More Than Words.


Pork Chop Noodle Soup is on the menu at Heart and Hearth blog, run by Ning.

This is Ning’s first-time entry to Presto Pasta Nights, and all I can say is, bring it on, Ning! I can’t wait to see more of your dishes at this event. A great big welcome.


Court, of Not Quite Vegan blog has submitted a lovely pasta dish she calls One Pot Wonder, made with whole grain pasta and little knobs (I just love that description) of goat cheese added.

Viva la difference – it looks delectable.


Now here’s a sensational-looking dish from Haalo at Cook (almost) Anything blog. Black bean spaghetti with calamari looks like a real gift from the sea, and the pasta, which you may mistake for black squid ink spaghetti, is actually made entirely from black beans.

Now, does that look amazing, or what? The hunger pangs I’m getting from hosting this event!!!!


Rock Cakes blog host, Serena, has submitted a dee-licious recipe that gets my totally jazzed for fall, which is just around the corner. Her Pumpkin, Caramelised Onion, and Feta pasta dish is the real thing.

Doesn’t that just make you think autumn comfort food?


Speaking of comfort food, did you see the enticing pasta recipe submitted by Marye from Baking Delights? Hop on over and tell me you don’t get hungry just looking at her Chicken with Roasted Garlic Noodles.

Yep, I was right, huh? You know you want it. I know I do. Yum.


And here’s a real winner from our Ruth Daniels, who made Presto Pasta Nights the best food blogging event on the internet. She share her Pasta with Aleppo Pepper Shrimp, Asparagus, Spicy Kalamata Olives & Sun-dried Tomatoes.

I just want to put my fork right through the screen and dig in. Another keeper, and one I’ll be trying, for sure.


For my submission, I thought I would enter this Mediterranean Pasta dish, which for me was the perfect marriage of tuna, vegetables, and pasta.


That ends this week’s Roundup. It sure was fun. And eye-opening – to so many new recipes and bloggers from every stretch of the blogosphere. I can really begin to appreciate the effort that Ruth puts in every week to publish this event, and she does it with total style and panache. I hope that I came even a little bit close, and that you have enjoyed perusing this edition. Thank you one and all.

Don’t miss next week PPN, #78, being hosted back at Ruth’s Once Upon A Feast. Please send your entries to her at Ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com

Happy cooking!


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