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Applesauce rum cake

Ever since a work colleague of mine came back from a vacation in Bermuda with a signature Horton’s black rum cake famous on the island, I’ve been in obsession-mode to find a similar recipe and make this delicious dessert. The cake is dense, dark, and moist, with a quite addicting flavor. Not so easy to find a black rum cake recipe, unfortunately. Most of the recipes I’ve uncovered on the net have either been white cakes with rum glaze or dark cakes with chocolate and fruit. Which all sound pretty good in their own right, too, but not what I was looking for, really.

It dawned on me that the answer might actually be in my possession. I looked up my golden cake recipe, which produces a dark, moist batter, and added 2 tablespoons of dark rum to the wet ingredients. Voila – maybe not Horton’s, but a very nice re-invention. And it just so happens to be vegan, too. Enjoy!

Instead of icing or glaze, I cut a star pattern into a doily, laid it on top of the freshly-baked cake, and sprinkled powdered sugar over the top. Pretty presentation and delicious.


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