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Another winner from Martha to add to my favs list. The taco flavoring and the dressing do not overpower this salad; rather, they complement it. A keeper.

Taco salad (with nondairy adaptations by me)

3/4 cup plain soy yogurt

2 limes

1/3 cup fresh cilantro leaves

1 teaspoon finely chopped and seeded jalapeno pepper

1/2 teaspoon coarse salt

1 pound ground turkey

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/2 pound iceberg lettuc, torn into 2″ pieces (about 3 cups)

1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed

2 plum tomatoes, cut into 1/2″ thick wedges (about 1 cup)

1 small mango, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1/4″ thick wedges (1 1/2 cups)

1 1/4 cups corn (I used frozen, thawed)

Make the dressing: in a medium bowl, whisk together the yogurt, juice from 1 lime, cilantro, jalapeno, and salt. Set aside.

In a medium nonstick skillet, brown the turkey over medium heat, stirring frequently, until no longer pink, about 7 minutes. Stir in the chili powder, cumin, and juice from remaining lime.

Transfer the mixture to a large serving bowl. Add the lettuce, beans, tomatoes, manto, and corn. Toss to combine well. Drizzle with yogurt dressing; serve immediately. Makes 6 servings.


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